8 Years

76_504765170075_7602_n Today, we have been married for 8 years. We have been together for 11. Words can barely express what we have gone through, what we have accomplished, what I know we will continue to do–not only for our amazing girls, but also for our community.

This last year has been particularly difficult; not for reasons one might think, however. More specifically, these last few months have been very difficult. The pregnancy, coupled with my work, was particularly imposing. With the new baby, our lives have become severely metagrabolized. As we slowly reach our equilibrium, I have to say how lucky and thankful I am to have you in my life.

After Emilia was born, I saw something that I thought I would never see, limitations to what we could handle. I am sorry we didn’t see the wall and ran into it. But, it offered us the opportunity to pause, reflect, and appreciate all that we have. It gave us cause for strengthening our relationship.

I have never met anyone like you. Literally, before we met, I had no idea where I was truly going. After we truly met, I knew exactly where I wanted to go — anywhere with you.

I had never seen anyone work as hard as you. I had never met anyone with convictions like you. I had never met anyone as smart as you. You were so strong and I wanted to be with you. Then and now, you make me want to be a better person. I literally cannot imagine my life without you. I don’t want to know where I would be without you. I cannot imagine the world without Sophia or Emilia. If we do nothing else with our lives, we have made the world a better place by bringing them into it.

There is no one I would rather do this with. You are amazing. I love you and look forward to many many more years together.



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