Op-Eds and Media

Below you will find a few links to some of the Op-Eds I have written, Media Contributions, and other Online writing.


– On Education and Economy, W.Va. Gets What It Pays For (Sunday, November 16, 2014) The Charleston Gazette (Charleston, WV) — With Joni R. Magnusson

A War by Any Other Name (September 25, 2013) The Charleston Gazette (Charleston, WV)

– Overcoming Challenges: First-Generation College Students (2011) the aSSiStant (Morgantown, WV)


– “2015′s Best and Worst States for Underprivileged Children” (July 2015) A reporting project of WalletHub

– “Role of Big Oil and Gas Money in Rahall’s Defeat” (November 19, 2014) A reporting project of students of the WVU Reed College of Media

– An American milestone: 50 years after the Civil Rights Act (July 1, 2014) WV Metro News (Charleston, WV)


You can check out the blog posts I wrote for this online forum of religious and ethical leaders, a place wherein religious and ethical thinkers draw upon the learning that is occurring in their academic and community work. My posts can be found here.


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