Current Teaching Project

For the Fall 2015 Semester, at Marshall University’s Center for Teaching and Learning, I am participating in a High Impact Practice Learning Community. During this experiment, students will take two or more linked courses as a group with faculty who were strategically paired based upon similarity in the themes of their courses. My American National Government & Politics course is paired with Dr. Peggy Proudfoot Harman’s First Year Seminar (FYS) course. Our Learning Community incorporates the theme of “Investigation”. Students will be able to focus on one subject for both courses and will be interacting with fellow classmates who are also studying the same subject. These relationship patterns will enhance the teacher/student relationship discussed by promoting a nurturing environment where mentoring in the classroom can more readily occur.

Dr. Harman and myself will construct a ‘linked course’ that challenges the students to investigate the socio-political policies that engender our ‘off the charts’ incarceration rates. The ‘linked’ courses’ agenda includes readings and exercises focused on information literacy and metacognitive experiential exercises. In my course, specifically, the students will participate in a simulation game, wherein the primary objective is for the students to reduce the prison population through comprehensive criminal justice reform.

We will explore and evaluate current best practices relating to the construct of ‘linked classes as learning community.’ Additionally, members will identify globally and locally relevant “big questions;” create “hubs” (potential learning communities) that target integrative thinking and are organized around those “big questions;” develop a cross-disciplinary course plan within a chosen hub and implement that plan during Fall 2015; and, disseminate the results of the FLC’s individual and collaborative work in a variety of venues, including the 2015 and/or 2016 iPED Teaching Conference at Marshall University.

Current Courses Taught

Fall 2015

PSC: 104 – American National Government and Politics

PSC: 333 – Intro to Public Administration (Service Learning)

PSC: 4/532 – Nonprofit Administration

PSC 482 – Field Research in Applied Education Policy (Service Learning)

PSC 680 – Master’s Thesis Workshop

PSC 681 – Thesis

Past Courses Taught

  • PSC 104 — American National Government and Politics
  • PSC 202 — American State Government and Politics
  • PSC 233 — Intro to Public Policy
  • PSC 311 — Issues in Public Policy
  • PSC 333 — Intro to Public Administration
  • PSC 383 — The American Executive Process
  • PSC 4/533 — Public Administration and Policy Development
  • PSC 4/552 — Public Personnel Administration
  • PSC 4/554 — Administrative Organization and Behavior
  • PSC 618 — Seminar in Public Administration
  • PSC 660 — Seminar in Policy Administration

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